Friday, May 14, 2010

Smashed my thumb. Nail is Black. Will it fall off?

Smashed it while closing the balcony door. It happened yesterday, and it's black just alittle. Thumb is swollen too. I reaaaallly don't want my nail to fall off but know when this happens.. it usually does. AHHH! lol.

But my friends say it doesn't look so bad. The black is just alittle point. Anything special I should do to treat it? Go to doctor? Or just let it heal on it's own?Smashed my thumb. Nail is Black. Will it fall off?
I went through this last year. By tomorrow it will probably look a bit worse, and eventually you may lose the nail. The nail won't come off until the new one has begun growing in under it though. All they will do at a the doctor's is drain the trapped blood under the nail with a needle(The black spot is the trapped blood). This is both very painful and unnecessary. It will stop hurting and heal on its own if you give it some time.Smashed my thumb. Nail is Black. Will it fall off?
Your nail should be fine. I doubt it will fall off it is only a little black. There is nothing special to do but if it get red and swollen as in infected then go see your doc
it will fall off
it will heal on its own, and there's nothing you can really do about it. if its just a little black then it will possibly just grow out and not fall off, cause it could just be a black and blue under the nail. but if its more then half the nail it will probably fall off. but dont worry it will grow back.
its probly gonna fall off

it will grow back though

it will probly heal on its own
won't hurt to have a healthcare person look at it. Sounds like it will heal fine, but if it's painful you should see someone. Remember it's not an emergency so make an appointment with a doctor or healthcare clinic. Don't go to the ER.
most likely will soz, this happend 2 me wen i was younger, i jammed al my fingers and nearly evryone of my nails fell off apart from a couple, it was sore!!!
if it's black all the way back up at the base, yes. but it will grow back eventually.

what do you mean just a little point? If it's just like a small blood blister in the quick it will just grow out. For the nail fall off their needs to be scab underneath like all the way across.

To treat it, when you first slam it, drill or poke a small hole with a hot needle in the top to relieve the pressure, too late for that now though.
its just a smashed fingernail, if its ';dead'; (black, to you) a new nail will push the old one off, and a new one will start to immedtialy grow. there's nothing to worry about. your thumb will be gross a little bit, but whatever. don't cover it up with a bandaid, it'll take longer for the skin to heal. it needs fresh air, and wash your hands alot. keep the area clean.
It will fall off. The same thing happened to me. The good thing about being a girl is, when the nail falls off you can put fingernail polish on the skin underneath. No one will know the difference.
its just a broose it will get better in a couple o days

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